The website is selling a wide variety of different products that can be used in bodybuilding. The brands that are sold here are quite famous, including Bayer etc. The overwhelming majority of the customers are satisfied with the results of the work. Besides, no negative side effects have been reported. However, a small quantity of the clients were dissatisfied.


The prices are not so high and do not make the products really expensive. However, this may imply that the quality is not as high as it should be, but this is not certain. Besides, it is really useful that the website can display prices in three different currencies – US dollars, UK pounds and Euros.


The quality of the products is rated quite high by those who purchased the products from this website. The quality of the service is also rated as satisfactory by those who are the clients. No red comments can be seen stating that orders were not delivered. So, the website is not cheating on their clients.


One doubt that raises is that the website does not specify the timeframe of the delivery. However, they promise to deliver for free. Besides, the clients of the website are quite happy with their purchases. No one is mentioning any facts of fraud or cheating.



The website is quite easy and sincere to use. The different categories are split even showing the manufacturers. Additionally, they provide the clients with carts where the total cost of their order and the number of items are displayed. Finally, the website can calculate the costs in three different currencies.



The website can be called as reliable for shopping. The team of the website does their job well. No cheating. Neither they are simply gaining money.


Grade – 6