The specialization of this website is selling pharmacological production for various uses. The key area is steroids. The rating of the website is not very high. The situation is worsened by the fact that not a lot of people left their comments and reviews about the website. Actually, there is only one page of reviews which is not enough to prove that this website is a reliable one.

In terms of price, this website is the most controversial one as the majority of the products costs less than $100, whilst there is a significant proportion of items that cost more than $1000! This is unbelievable! It is nearly impossible to imagine a person with low or middle levels of income who will purchase such expensive items. Moreover, the minimum order is 5 items which is also not in favor of the customers. If someone is new to the website, how can they order 5 items for trial? This is unrealistic!

Those few who left their reviews are satisfied with the website. However, the manufacturers that are offered here proved to be producing goods of extremely low quality with significant side effects.

The delivery information on the website does not seem to be convincing. There are no details about the timeframes or how long it will take for the customers to receive their orders. So, this sounds unreliable.

The design of the website is quite poor. Besides, some products ( have no images at all to show what they are like. Additionally, the same images are placed for several products.
In general, one can decide to shop here but, to be honest, this is not the best website for shopping.
Grade – 6