The website specializes in the sale of steroids and pharmaceutical products like cialis and viagra that can be used for medical treatment. The rating of the website is not high enough. This is the first dubious thing. Secondly, the major part of the clients are satisfied but this number does not outweigh significantly those who are completely disappointed. So the percentage is nearly 50/50.


The prices on the website vary greatly. The majority of the products can be easily afforded by the major part of the customers. However, there are some that cost even more than $400. So, in terms of price, the rating of this online resource cannot be high.


The quality of the products is another issue for this website. The manufacturers that they sell have not recommended themselves as the good and reliable ones. The quality often lags behind the advertisement which made to promote particular products. However, some people are satisfied. In terms of the quality of service, there great issues. Firstly, the website is explicitly trying to fool its customers when they sell products that cost more than $400, promising to increase their muscle mass greatly within 2 weeks. This is simply not possible from the scientific and medical points of view which implies that it is a lie.


Delivery is another big issue for this website. The problem lies in the fact that people just get fooled by the authorities of the website. Firstly, many people claim that they did not receive their orders at all. Secondly, a lot of people condemn the website that they make false promises. They promise to put extra packs or presents to the order, but people simply do not receive it. Also, people sometimes receive half of what they actually ordered.


This is a highly unreliable website. It’s not recommended for shopping.


Grade – 5