The website is offering products that can either be used as anabolic steroids or as health treatment. A lot of people who ordered their products from this website are extremely satisfied with the results of the work. However, one thing which startles everyone who decides to order from here is the fact that the first comments that keep popping up from the very beginning are the red ones stating that their order was not delivered. It does question the reliability of the website.


Taking into account the price range, the products are mainly affordable with a few exceptions. Their costs are principally found within the $100 array. Nonetheless, some products do cost a way more than $100 which may be barely afforded by low-income clients.


The quality of the website work is also not as good as it should be. The range of products is not very wide which implies that the manufacturer is not an experienced one. This pushes us to another thought – what is the quality of the products being sold? Well, a lot of people say that they are satisfied with the quality of service and the results of the treatment using the drugs from this website. However, a lot of people do doubt that the quality of the products is high, including the fact that some fields are almost empty and Liquid Orals is totally empty. For fat burners, two items are offered and one is not even identified with no name or image but it costs $65. This would be ridiculous to purchase something you do not even know.


It is not clear how long it takes to deliver worldwide. For Canada and the USA it takes approximately 5-7 business days. A lot of clients claim that they haven’t received their order or simply received an empty box.



Not reliable.


Grade – 5