The name of the website suggests the specialization of the website. It is selling pharmacological products for various uses. Generally speaking, they sell the products of several brands: ALPHA PHARMA, ASLABS, C4 – PHARMACEUTICALS, EMINENCE LABS, HILMA BIOCARE. These brands are relatively new to the market of steroids and have not gained the necessary experience to produce goods of really good quality. The website is also quite young as there are only a few comments about them.
The price is the first issue that is discussed with any website. In this case, nothing extraordinary happens. A lot of products cost less than $100, whilst some are valued above $100. This is easily explained with regard to the fact that they only sell injectables and orals as well as HGH and peptides. There cannot be a significant diversity of the prices when only a few categories of products are being sold.
The quality of the services of the website can hardly be judged now because there are not enough reviews. Same thing could have been said about the quality of the products as only a few people have confirmed that they are satisfied with what they purchased. However, basing our judgments on the fact that the brands they sell, did not recommend themselves as reliable and of high quality, we may conclude that the quality may be low and even dangerous for your health.
Delivery is also controversial. According to those few who left their reviews about the website, they had successfully received their orders without any problems or difficulties. However, there is no clear shipping information provided on the website. This looks unreliable.
The website has a poor design since a lot of items do not have any images to show what they are like.
It is recommended to shop here with precautions.
Grade – 6