The website disposes of a relatively wide range of different products that can be used for bodybuilding. According to those who purchased products from this website, they are completely happy with the results and the service of the website.


Regarding the range of prices, it can be noticed that the prices do fluctuate a lot. The main portion of the products is found below the mark of $100, making them available to many low-income customers. However, some proportion of the products costs more than $300 which can be barely afforded by the majority of the clients.


In terms of quality, if one reads comments for this website, it becomes obvious that no one is left dissatisfied or disappointed. However, the main issue related to the quality of the products is that the manufacturers proved to produce low-quality production which can be dangerous for your health. Besides, it is not a secret to anyone that steroids are prohibited in the USA which makes us think that they are selling them illegally which also means that the products may not be of the official manufacturers but were rather produced locally in the USA and are a forgery.


If we take into account the comments that were given by those who purchased items from this website, everyone is satisfied and received their orders safely. However, one problem arises regarding the location of the store. The American legislation prohibits the selling and production of steroids. Therefore, there are big risks when one purchases from this website that their order may be seized by legal authorities.


To be honest, the website is quite easy to use. One thing which is not very good is the design that is not attractive and professional.



This is a reliable website but there are some risks related to the delivery.

Grade – 6