The website does not differ a lot from other websites that are selling steroids and pharmaceutical products. The rankings of the website are not so high which makes us think that not a lot of people are buying from them. Moreover, only about three reviews and comments were left about the website. One of them is negative which confirms that the quality is low.
Nothing really new can be observed in the price section. This is an ordinary website with a usual pricelist.
The website is only producing the products of one manufacturer – Omega Lab. Therefore, the quality of this producer is very low and is extremely dangerous for health. Besides, one of the three reviews is stating that the website is selling products that have no effect on the person.
It is hard to judge about delivery because only three reviews have been left so far. Moreover, no clear information about shipping has been provided on the website. The timeframes are not been stated. This looks unreliable. Finally, the website does not even outline the countries where they do not ship to.
The website is easy and nice to use. The design looks very professional.
One can shop here but the website is not the best place for shopping.
Grade – 6