NeoMeds.Com Review

It is clear from the name of the website that it is specializing in selling steroids and pharmacological products for various uses, like curing the impotence. The ranking of the website are not impressive, they are not so high. Nevertheless, some customers are satisfied with the results of the work of the website, a lot of people are also becoming frustrated because they did not receive their orders.
This is the website with one of the most shocking pricelists ( There are significant fluctuations in terms of the prices of the products and items. A lot of the products are sold at the prices below $100, but this is not the end of the story. There are a lot of items that are sold at the price of even higher than $1500. This is a way too much for a website without a solid and reliable reputation.
The overwhelming majority of those who wrote reviews, are satisfied with what they purchased. However, the brand name, like DRAGON PHARMA (, does not sound reliable as this manufacturer has proven that buying its goods may result dangerous for health and has no effect.
Delivery is the weakest point of the website. There is no exact information about shipping provided on the website. This means that it is only possible to find that out by contacting directly the managers of the website. However, to make matters worse, there a lot of people who claim that they did not receive at all, but this is not the end. The website’s team did not even bother to attempt to contact those who were frustrated and compensate.
The website is well-designed and all of the fields are filled with relevant information and images.
It is possible to shop here, but you should be careful.
Grade – 6