This is a website which is selling various products that can be used for bodybuilding. According to the people who shopped here, the major part of the customers is happy with what they received and the results of using it. However, some also claim that they simply did not receive their orders which makes it look like a fraud.


Regarding the price range, more than half of the products are available because they cost less than $100. However, there are some products and substances that are appreciated too high and cost more than $100.


According to those people who posted their comments, the major part of them is happy. Nevertheless, some are dissatisfied with the quality of the products ( The reason lies in the fact that they sell the products that were produced in the USA. It is clear to everyone that such products cannot be produced legally on the territory of the USA. Therefore, they were definitely produced illegally and may contain harmful substances.


In terms of delivery, this website cannot be called a reliable one. The reason is that there are a lot of people who confirm that they did not receive their orders and lost their money. Moreover, as steroids are banned on the American soil, it implies that they can easily be seized by legal authorities.


Being frank, the website it very poorly designed and is not convenient for use. Having mentioned this, it is easy to presume that not a lot of people will trust a poorly designed website which means that the company is not a legal one. A lot of items do not have a picture which is very important as one cannot see what they will purchase. There is no separate information on shipping and delivery.


As a brief summary, it can be said that it is not advised to shop here as there may be issues with the quality of the products and delivery.

Grade – 5