The website is selling products that can be used for bodybuilding. These are steroids. The range of products is quite wide, to be honest. The products are of different brands like Alpha Pharma or Pharmacom etc. According to people, all of the customers are left satisfied and extremely pleased with the results of the work of the website’s team and the quality of the sold products.


Not a lot can be said in terms of price of this website. The main feature is that nearly all of the products are affordable even for low-income customers because they cost less than $100. However, only several items are found in the range above the $100 mark.



Well, the companies whose products are being sold, were criticized many times for their production because low quality and side effects. However, as seen from the comments that were left by the happy customers, everyone is happy with what they purchased and no negative feedback has been given so far.



Concerning the delivery process, no negative comments can be observed. This implies that all of the orders were received by the customers. No fraud has occurred. If we look through the website, they deliver around the UK and also ship worldwide. For domestic shipping, the website promises that the order will arrive the very next days before 1 p.m. For international shipping, they offer two ways РRoyal mail International Tracked-£15 and International Standard-£8. The method depends on the wish of the client.



The website is extremely easy to use. All of the necessary services are split into the different categories, so that one can quickly find what they need. However, a bit more professional design would be better.



Overall, the main thing that can be said is that the website is reliable and does not sell its products at over-exaggerated prices.


Grade – 7