The website is specializing in selling steroids ( that can be used for increasing the muscle mass and bodybuilding. According to the clients, the major part are happy. However, there are still some issues related to the absence of delivery and low quality of the products.
The prices are surprisingly low for steroids ( and can be easily afforded by the majority of the customers. However, the most dubious thing is that there are several manufacturers whilst the number of products offered is very limited. So, the website does not provide us with an extensive diversity.
The quality of steroids is very low for the products that are being sold. The thing is that the manufacturers have proven to be incapable of producing high quality products. This may pose serious threats to the health of those people who decide to try shopping here. This is reinforced by the negative feedback (–Og4) that was given about the negative effects of the products.
The delivery information buttons seems to be present but is empty actually. Thus, it is unclear how and within what timeframes the deliveries will be carried out. Moreover, a lot of people claim to not have received their orders which is suspicious. The ranking of the website supports the idea that it is not a reliable place for shopping.
The website is extremely poorly designed. Many fields are displayed but only a few contain some kind of information. Others are just empty. Another thing is that the same images were uploaded for different products.
It is not advised to shop on this website.
Grade – 5