LegitGear.co Review

The website specializes in selling steroids and other pharmaceutical products that may be used for different purposes, including bodybuilding. The majority of the customers are very happy with the quality of their service and products. However, some are disappointed with particular products.



The prices can be described as affordable because the majority does not reach $100. However, as in any other steroids-selling website (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-oE4cBWK_s), some products cost more than $400. Nevertheless, a significant proportion of people who used this website claim that the prices are quite high.


The website offers steroids for sale of such brands as Bayer which can be called reliable and of quite good quality. The typically ordered products are: anavar, hygetropin, captamericabull etc. It is obvious from the comments that nearly everyone is satisfied with the quality of the products and outcomes. Clients acknowledge that they have put up solid muscles. This is the aim of purchasing these products. However, some are dissatisfied because of the side effects, for example, after using anavar some clients claim to have suffered bloating.


Delivery is the service that satisfies everyone as it is very fast and the products are packaged well and even wrapped in three layers.

Customer support

Customer support is standard. Particularly, a user needs to leave a message on the website and indicate their e-mail address for reply. However, the precise time until one receives a reply is not specified.


The website is easy to use and has a mobile version.


The majority recommend to shop on this website, so it is a well-designed and affordable online-shop.