Ivitamins.in Review

The website is offering to sell steroids that can be used for bodybuilding. However, the website does not look legit and legal. Moreover, it does not present anything from its products and requires you to register first. Besides, a lot of people are extremely dissatisfied with the results of their work.


Some claim that the prices on this website suit their budget and are not very high. However, other assure that the prices are over-exaggerated and are simply ripping them off from their money. This is hard to judge as they do not let a random user to see what they are selling.


Definitely, the quality of the products of a website with limited access is very low because everyone realizes that the website is not legit and is illegal. The conditions in what the products are made are probably terrifying. A lot of people keep on calling this website as extremely unreliable.


Delivery is completely unclear. Many customers claim that they have not received their orders. Moreover, they paid money and wrote letters to the authorities of the website to sort out the problem but received no replies. It is not recommended to contact them.


The website is awfully unprofessional. The true reason is that their production is (https://www.drugs.com/article/anabolic-steroids.html) certainly not legit. Therefore, they are trying to conceal themselves. It is not possible to shop on this resource. Moreover, their products, even if they are delivered, may well be dangerous for your health. Customers support is one of the poorest and irresponsible.


The website is not recommended for steroids and pharmaceutical shopping. They are not legit and cheat on their customers. Grade Р5