Selling pharmacological products is the occupation of the website being reviewed. Basically, it specializes in selling steroids as well buy weight loss steroids as different products that can be used in a variety of ways, for example, to cure erectile dysfunction. The rating of the website is not that high which suggests that not a lot of people purchase something from them. Besides, there is a significant proportion of the clients that are frustrated because they either did not receive their orders or the quality of the products was low.
This website has considerable disadvantages in terms of price. The key thing is that it is a unique place where there are a lot of items that cost more than $500! This is incredible! What kind of customers would be willing and able to buy the goods at such an over-exaggerated costs? This is insane!
To begin with, the quality of the services ( is very low. Those who claim to not have received their orders or encountered with the negative side effects or the absence of effect, did not receive any kind of answer. This is irresponsible from the website’s side, regarding the fact that people lost their money. Another problem, as has been already mentioned above, is the low quality. A lot of people did not notice any result. This statement is further supported by two facts. Firstly, the manufacturers’ quality of production is very low (GEN-SHI, ROID+ etc.). Secondly, they are a US-based website, and it means that they are working illegally. Their production may be a forgery.
Delivery is also unreliable, since a lot of people did not ( even receive their orders. Moreover, no reply followed the issues.
The website is easy to use but still lacks some professional design. Additionally, some images of the products are repeated for a lot of items.
This is not the right place where one should do shopping.
Grade – 5