The website is distributing and promoting the production that belongs pharmacology. The products are extensively used for bodybuilding purposes. According to the people who purchased from this website, they are all satisfied with the results. There are, however, some concerns associated with the fact whether the products are legit or not.
The price section does not amaze us with something new. The products are mainly affordable with some exceptions that cost a way too much.
A lot of people keep claiming that they are extremely happy with the quality of the products that they use. However, there are still several concerns. Firstly, the rating of the website is not that high for a great quality of website. Secondly, the review only occupy 3 pages which means that not a lot of people are using it. Thirdly, there Indian and Thai flags at the top showing the possible countries where the products were made. This leads us to the conclusion that the quality may be low.
No negative feedback was given on the delivery as everyone received their orders on time with no exceptions.
The website is sincere for using, but it still lacks some professional design.
One can shop here but should be careful as the quality may be low.
Grade – 6