As many other websites, this one is also selling steroids production to build muscle size and increase performance in bodybuilding. By reading the reviews of other clients, it becomes apparent that the website is not reliable one because some do not receive their orders or are frustrated with the quality of the products.
The price situation does not surprise us with something extraordinarily new. A lot of products cost less than $100, whilst some are quite expensive, costing more than $200. The fluctuations are quite significant.
The quality of the services ( that are offered by the website lags behind their advertisement. They are highly irresponsible and inadequate. The reason for saying that lies in the fact that they do not respond to the claims that were left by their customers. The quality of the products is also considered to be a weak area, since the manufacturers (Shree Venkatesh, Malayan Tiger etc.) produce goods of extremely low quality which poses threats to your health. Besides, some people claim to not have felt the desired effect.
Delivery is even worse. The website states that there are some risk countries to where the goods are shipped only if the client demands it. However, this is irresponsible ( because they are taking money for that and should guarantee the quality of their services. Otherwise, there is no point in purchasing something from them, if the delivery of the order cannot be guaranteed.
The website is easy to use, but there are some problems with the images of the products. Sometimes they are absent.
It is not recommended to buy steroids here. Delivery is not guaranteed, while the quality of the products being sold, remains low.
Grade – 5