The website specializes in selling steroids of different brands like Balkan Pharma, Dure Pharma, Pharmacom etc. The majority of the customers confirm that the website is reliable and the quality is good. However, there are some clients that claim that they did not receive their order. This decreases the reliability of the website.


If we take into consideration solely the prices, the website does not over-estimate the costs which makes their products quite available to an ample range of customers with different levels of income. The majority of the products cost less than $100 which is a good thing to mention.


The quality of the products can be rated as quite high because such brands as Balkan Pharma have recommended themselves as reliable and responsible producers. The quality of the service is also rated quite high by the customers themselves.


Considering the delivery procedure, it is different for different locations according to the website’s authorities. For the UK, it normally takes 1-2 working days. To Western Europe it takes about 2 working days, to Eastern and postal subsidiaries 4 working days, 6 working days to the rest of the world. They also promise to re-ship if the order is seized by the legal authorities when a justification is presented. For Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada there are different rules due to strict regulations. However, a lot of clients claim that their orders were not delivered at all which raises doubts about the reliability of the website.


The website is easy to use in general. Nonetheless, one drawback is that the absolute majority of the products is not available but is shown along with the rest.


Overall, the website sells good-quality products. However, there are some concerns over the reliability of the website. Grade Р6