The website is selling a wide range of anabolic steroids, weight loss products, HGH and peptides and post cycle therapy. There are not so many comments written about this website but from those that do exist, we can conclude that it is not clear whether this website should be used or not.


The first issue concerning the price is that it is not clearly shown. When one is looking through the catalogue of the products or viewing a particular products, their price will not be displayed. However, the major part of the products are available to ordinary clients with low or middle level incomes.


Quality is the weakest point of this website. The first comments that show up reveal the negative feedbacks about the results of using the products that were purchased from this website. These are the negative side effects that are detrimental for human’s health. Those who were negatively affected, tried to contact those who were responsible for the delivery but to no avail. Also, one client claimed that he ordered one substance but received another one. Moreover, he found that out after carrying out special tests. So, the quality is really poor.


The delivery service is said to be working well according to some comments. Very detailed information is provided directly on the website. Any customer can see what payment methods are accepted and how long it takes to deliver their orders to the location where they live. The website is also promising to provide you with a tracking number. Nonetheless, there are some people that claim that they did not receive their orders. Moreover, the website authorities did not answer their e-mails or tried to contact them.


The website is poorly designed. There are a lot of empty spaces. Language options are not functioning properly.


One should not shop here.

Grade – 5