The website is selling steroids that can be used, as they claim, by beginners and professionals. They are said to be quite effective for muscle growth as they sell the products of such brands as Balkan Pharma etc. The range of products is not as ample as it might be. The overall majority of the customers are pleased with the results of the work of the website. However, some are claiming that they did not receive their orders, raising some doubts about the reliability of the website.


The prices are acceptable and affordable for the majority of the customers. However, some products are valued even more than $300 which is very expensive and may not be afforded by a lot of people.


According to those who used the products from this website, acknowledge that the quality is quite good and they are very efficient. Additionally, almost everyone is satisfied with the quality of the services of the website’s authorities.


Delivery is the field which is quite problematic. On one hand, they deliver and almost everyone confirms that. On the other hand, the shipping information is not clearly stated on the website. Additionally, some customers claim to not have received their orders which implies that there are some problems associated with reliability.


From the first glance, the website is easy to use. However, there are several problems. To begin with, not all categories contain items – some are merely empty. Secondly, the range of products displayed on the website is not quite wide. Thirdly, the design of the website is not very professional and is more simplistic.


Thus, the website can be called as reliable for making purchases. However, some did not receive their orders.  Grade Р5